$10,000 Meeting Scheduler / App Sponsor
  • Logo on meeting scheduler and app
  • Company text on emails sent through the scheduler
  • Attendee list with contact details, issued post show
  • Logo will be included on the BrokerBin Events page
  • Logo displayed at event registration
  • Company specific email campaign promoting your presence at the Roadshow
  • Banner ad on BrokerBin.com members page
$8,500 Lanyard Sponsor
  • An excellent opportunity for your company to stand out with this exclusive sponsorship. All attendees will be wearing a lanyard with your company logo featured. This sponsorship is a marketing opportunity that puts your company at center stage.
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$5,000 Directory Sponsor
  • We’ll showcase all attendees in a booklet for you to easily find members at the Roadshow. This will include company name, attendee names, niche, phone and a brief description about each company. Use these to meet up with other members or save them to get in contact after the event.
$5,000 Pads & Pens Sponsor
  • Get the attention of attendees and strengthen your branding campaign by sponsoring the Pads & Pens giveaway. Impress attendees with this spiral-bound notebook and pen with an elastic band closure – perfect for taking notes at the Roadshow.
$5,000 Registration Folder Sponsor
  • Grab the attention of our members as they check-in at registration! This sponsorship opportunity will include your logo and company information printed on all attendees’ folders. The folders will include the agenda, name badge and company directory and will be in the hands of all attendees throughout the conference.
$5,000 Photo Board Sponsor
  • Take advantage of this high visibility sponsorship located at check-in! Each attendees photo will be displayed with their name and company name, making it easier for other members to find them during our event! Every time a member looks for another attendee, they’ll see your logo. Add a QR code with your logo to send members to your website for a special offer!

BrokerBin is an IT, telecom, imaging, and POS B2B marketplace. Our members’ only organization is exclusively for brokers, resellers, service centers, integrators, and wholesalers. Whether you’re a publicly held company or a small computer shop, BrokerBin.com can increase your client base, profitability, and efficiency.

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Toll Free - 866-241-0639
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